AdSafe Wrap-Up

Tue, 2012-06-19 14:15 -- Integral Team

AdSafe has been busy these last few months. Here is our latest news including new hires, certifications, partnerships, and awards. 

Twin Russian Data Scientists: Taking a page out of the James Bond playbook, AdSafe hired twin Russian data scientists, Kiril and Vadim Tsemekhman. Kiril is serving as our Chief Data Officer, while Vadim joined the team as Senior Director, Product Management. We’re thrilled by the diverse and unique skill set that Kiril and Vadim bring to our team, and they are helping us continue to stay ahead of the industry and our customers' needs -- especially in the area of predictive ad viewability data. 

The 3MS initiative: In early May, AdSafe’s work on the 3MS Initiative ratcheted up to full speed. The 3MS Initiative brings AdSafe together with the ANA, IAB, MRC (Media Rating Council) and 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies) in a joint venture to attract brand dollars online by moving from a “served” impression standard to a “viewable” impression standard. We are up and running in live agency testing and are working with our clients as they begin testing viewability as a way to move their business forward.

2012 Red Herring Americas Finalists: AdSafe Media went to the 2012 Red Herring Americas (May 21-23 in Santa Monica, CA) as a finalist for the Red Herring Top 100, which identifies the 100 North American companies best positioned to grow at an explosive rate.

AdSafe's valued partners' announcements: ValueClick Media announced the launch of their 20/20 Brand Guarantee, a promise to deliver on a marketer's brand lift objectives, 'or their money back'. Boosting ValueClick's confidence is their partnership with AdSafe Media; ValueClick runs brand advertising campaigns on over 8,500 AdSafe monitored sites, ensuring that clients' ads don't appear next to inappropriate content and are actually viewed by their intended audience. AdMedia also announced a partnership with AdSafe to add additional layers of real time brand safety and contextual data to AdMedia’s inventory. The partnership will ensure quality and brand safety of AdMedia’s networks for both users and advertisers.

AdSafe issued first ever public certification for content verification: In early June, the Audit Bureau of Circulations -- the UK's industry leader in media measurement -- issued AdSafe with one of the first ever public certificates of content verification capability for our Firewall product. ABC rigorously tested the capabilities of all the CV products on the market, and our Firewall passed with flying colors, fulfilling far more JICWEBS principles than any other company (Emediate, Project Sunblock, and comScore were also certified). DoubleVerify, Pulsepoint, Peer39, and Vibrant Media are participating in the process and have not yet achieved certification.

As always, look out for more exciting updates to come!  Questions?  Want a product demo?  Just ask.