The Ad Tech Top 10

Mon, 2011-11-14 15:41 -- Integral Team

In this business, you work for your customers to make their lives easier and more profitable - - that's usually where the satisfaction comes from. But every now and then, you might get recognition from your industry peers. It's particularly sweet as these are the people who know how hard it is to achieve what you've done.

So when Ad:Tech New York, the digital marketing industry's leading conference and trade show, picks the top ten new products and services, it means something. We were delighted to be chosen for the unveiling of our Ad Viewability Study and the launch of our Real Time Data Feeds.

And what made it even better was the company that we found ourselves in. The others in the top ten are all helping to propel our industry forward in their own way. Here's our tip of the hat to all of them:

  • Acxiom: Its safe haven environment provides a way for advertisers and publishers to derive important insights from consumer data to deliver highly targeted advertising while ensuring that all the information is secure and compliant with privacy regulations and policies.
  • GeoEdge: The combination of the company's global proxy network and a powerful business intelligence engine, GeoEdge Analytics 2.0 is a platform that allows users to capture and analyze ads displayed on any website in any location in the world.
  • HasOffers: The newest version of Mobile App Tracking™, an SDK for iPhone apps, allows companies to increase visibility into their advertising campaigns for app installs and user engagements.
  • Local Splash: The Local Splash Free Ranking Report shows where any local business -- whether single-location business or particular location of a national chain -- is currently ranked in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. It provides best choices of keyword optimization for them; cities that their customers are searching from; and the most popular search categories for their business.
  • Searchandise: Searchandise Commerce is a retail search media solution that gives manufacturers greater control over product placement across their online retail channel and lets retailers turn on-site search into a profit center by leveraging their hidden media value.
  • ShareitUp:, the new social coupon and deals platform, allows national brands, advertising agencies, e-commerce sites, email marketers and small businesses to create and launch social coupons and deals on their Facebook business pages.
  • Trada: The world’s first crowdsourced Facebook advertising marketplace, Trada’s marketplace lets Facebook ad experts and designers to generate scalable, highly targeted, and visually appealing Facebook ad campaigns with minimal effort from the advertiser.
  • TRUSTe: The online privacy solutions provider announced two new privacy solutions for third party data collection, including new data leakage monitoring services and a real-time compliance dashboard.
  • Yippy: This provider of custom third generation search products offers 100 percent private family-friendly search applications and services.

Congratulations to the top ten. It was great to meet you all there and we look forward to more exciting innovation to come.