Our Company Principles

To Consumers, Brands, Agencies, Ad Networks and Publishers:

Integral is committed to improving the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the online advertising ecosystem with the goal of growing the size and strategic importance of the entire industry. To that end, Integral respects the role and value each member of the industry provides and believes it is essential to preserve the livelihoods of Brands, Agencies, Ad-Networks and Publishers alike. Integral respects the existing individual relationships between constituents in the ecosystem and will never maliciously compromise relationships between partners. Integral believes that through a standardized and impartial industry certification platform with supporting rating enforcement technology, the online advertising industry will be elevated to the primary marketing communications channel.

To each of our specific constituents, the following Principles and Commitments guide all strategies and practices:


  • Never set cookies to consumers’ browsers
  • Never use any consumer data tracking technology


  • Always ensure with a high degree of confidence that partner Brands’ advertising is only displayed in environments consistent with Insertion Order Terms & Conditions
  • Always provide ad-serving latency less than 1/10 of a second
  • Always provide maximum media reach and efficiency within brand placement guidelines
  • Never share any information relevant to Brands’ campaigns


  • Never share Network-specific information
  • Provide an industry firewall between constituents to protect all proprietary information such as site lists and instances of bad placements
  • Always help Ad-Networks to best comply with the Term & Conditions set forth in Brands’ Insertion Orders


  • Never share any Publisher or Ad-Network specific information with any Brand without the express written consent of the Agency
  • Never share information regarding the number of impression opportunities returned to source of origination


  • Always principally use machine learning to score sites across all categories
  • Occasionally use Human Page Scorers to verify the accuracy of Integral's machine learning ratings algorithm
  • Willingly re-review site ratings with human page scorers if a Publisher believes their site content has been improperly rated
  • Always obey robots.txt instructions but be advised that if we receive “do not crawl” instructions from a publisher site, it will be inaccessible by our Brand and Agency clients.