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The cornerstone of advertising effectiveness

In order for digital marketing to make any impact, the advertising must first have the opportunity to be viewed by consumers. However, nearly half of all digital ads today are not viewable. In 2014, in an effort to raise advertising accountability, the MRC lifted its advisory against transacting on viewable impressions. As a result, advertisers’ focus has shifted from a “served” impression to a “viewable” impression, setting the baseline for any advertising objective.

The latest feature of Integral’s viewability measurement is that all measurement is discrepancy-free, meaning advertisers and publishers no longer need to deal with disparities between parties. This approach to measuring viewability actually takes data from both the buy- and sell-side ad servers to determine one accurate, discrepancy-free number.

The cornerstone of advertising effectiveness
  • Display
  • Mobile
  • Video

How is viewability measured?

Integral is MRC accredited for both the browser optimization and page geometry measurement methodologies. By using both methods, Integral achieves the highest and most accurate viewability coverage. This strategy allows visibility in both friendly and unfriendly iFrames, and across all browsers. In order to ensure that ads are viewed by human users, Integral layers in fraud detection technology to not only identify unviewable ads due to user behavior and site issues, but also due to fraudulent activity.

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In-stream video viewability

In-stream video advertising introduces a new set of engagement opportunities. With those opportunities come complexities as viewability is no longer based on merely measuring ad location on the page. Integral’s video viewability technology presents the breadth of data allowing for the most accurate assessment, such as:

  • Starts and stops
  • Completion rates while in view
  • Expansion rate
  • Mute and unmutes
  • Click-through rate
Leveraging increased user engagement through video

Mobile viewability

As digital budgets begin to shift into mobile, brands are demanding the same level of accuracy and insight into mobile verification that they have in display.

Integral delivers viewability data for mobile across in-app and mobile web and measures across many of the world’s major mobile advertising providers.

Bridging the cross-screen measurement gap

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