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Our Solutions

We are integral to the buying and selling of quality digital media.  Our uniquely innovative data and solution set works within all phases of an advertising campaign, from planning, to execution and optimization, to measurement and analysis.  We ensure advertising lands in quality environments, where it can receive quality exposures, and we ensure publishers get rewarded for providing this quality.  We are currently leveraged by several hundreds of brands, agencies, DSP, networks, publisher, SSPs, exchanges and trading desks - and we're growing every day.  Below is what we do (today). Look for new products and innovation to roll-out in the near future.


TRAQ Score

A revolutionary, holistic media quality measurement encompassing our overall suite of data and solutions to assure quality environments and exposures for advertisers.

Brand Safety

Want to ensure your brand is protected from risky content, while maximizing your campaign reach and efficiency? Here's how.

Ad Viewability

How can your campaign succeed if your ads don't receive quality views (or worse, are never seen at all)? Learn more.

Audience & Demographics

Strategic alliance with Nielsen; combining our safety and viewability with their campaign audience measures by demographic break. Learn more.

Ad Environment

Want to make sure your ads land in un-cluttered, professional, and contextually relevant pages? Here's how.

Ad Exposure

We assume - given the choice - you'd avoid unwanted ad collision and inventory affected by click and impression fraud. Here's how.