Ensuring quality

Ad Environment

Where brands advertise is equally important as who they advertise to - and Integral ensures quality environments for digital advertising. Our media valuation platform analyzes the structural elements of a page, including the amount of clutter, the level of professionalism, and the contextual category, to provide actionable ratings around environment quality.

Only Integral’s exclusive data and actionable solutions ensure quality environments for your advertising. Ensuring quality exposures increases ROI.

Contextual Relevance

Integral assesses contextual category of the pages ads appear on, based on the IAB Networks and Exchanges Taxonomy:

Integral Customers can target inventory, before an ad ever runs, or a bid is placed, based on contextual categories and sub-categories, (for example; News/Business, Sports/Football).


Page Clutter

Integral measures how cluttered a page is; ie. number and density of ads on a given page.

We analyze against the following metrics:

  • Number of ads on a page
  • Density of ads
  • Distance between ads
  • Density of images on page
  • Relative position of ads with respect to other images


We offer the following segments to our clients:

  • Uncluttered
  • Low Clutter
  • Moderate Clutter
  • Cluttered 


Integral measures the level of professionalism put into a page's design, layout, and content.

We analyze against the following metrics:

  • Words on a Page
  • Grammar and Writing style
  • Code Style
  • Layout Style
  • Page Rank/Reputation
  • Inbound/ Outbound Links

We offer the following segments to our clients:

  • High level of Professionalism
  • Moderate level of Professionalism
  • Low level of Professionalism

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