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Ad Viewability

What use is your ad if no one sees it? In early 2012, The 3MS Initiative brought together the ANA, IAB, MRC and 4A’s, in a joint venture to attract brand dollars online by moving from a “served” to a “viewable” impression standard. Prior, in late 2011, Integral (then AdSafe Media) had already established the industry’s first viewability solution and we continue to provide the only predictive ad viewability targeting solution in the marketplace. Integral served as an approved vendor with 3MS pilot program and we continue to work with many brands, agencies, networks, exchanges and trading platforms, to help enable the buying and selling of viewable inventory.


Here's How It Works

Leveraging unique viewability technology that sees through friendly and nested iframes, Integral’s solution enables brands to assure advertising appears in more viewable environments. Within traditional media buying channels, our products measure the viewability of your campaign. For programmatic buying, our predictive data enables brands to target the most viewable media pre-bid.

Our solution takes into consideration web browsers, monitor sizes, screen resolutions, ad size, the ad's location on the page, the amount of time a user spends on the page, and the likelihood a user will scroll until the ad is in view.

  • Greater ad viewability is proven to lift both brand and direct response campaign performance
  • Understanding viewability levels allows for more accurate attribution modeling
  • Enabling viewability targeting before ads ever run or are bid on directly drives ROI 


Programmatic Buying* & Ad Viewability

Clients can target, pre-bid, based on:

*For Programmatic Buying clients, Integral also reports on the below set of metrics post-campaign. 

Direct Media Buying & Ad Viewability

We help clients understand the following metrics:

  • % of ads in view on page loads
  • % of ads in view for more than 1 second
  • % of ads in view for more than 5 seconds
  • % of ads never in view 
  • Average time on page 

Ad Viewability Case Studies

Results Across Various Customer Categories

The Effects of Viewability on Conversion

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