Finding Your

Audience & Demographics

Integral and Nielsen have partnered to bring you the best of both worlds. Through a strategic alliance Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings™ customers can now leverage Integral’s safety, viewability and contextual data in a fully integrated product suite. This powerful combination of brand safety, ad viewability, contextual classification and audience measurement is all done with one simple setup. 

In addition AdSafe Firewall customers will soon be able to leverage Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings' Audience measurement for their campaigns through the Integral platform. Simple single tag implementation and a single UI will bring our brand safety customers a truly best in breed solution for their digital advertising needs.  Look out for more information on that to come in early 2013! 


Brand Safety:

Industry-leading preventative brand protection
(The AdSafe Firewall)

Ad Viewability Data:

Measurement around if,
and for how long, ads are in view

Contextual Relevance:

Page context per IAB Networks& Exchanges Taxonomy

Audience Measures:

By demographic break, consistent with TV ratings


Directly measured from Facebook’s 150mm+ person registry, surpassing all other methods of reporting campaign audience; all reporting in Integral Platform UI