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TRAQ Score

What is the TRAQ Score and Why do I need it?

Integral Ad Science is redefining the way advertisers and publishers buy and sell media both directly and in the rapidly growing programmatic (RTB) arenas. Established as the recognized leader in ad safety and predictive viewability solutions, we are re-inventing and simplifying the way advertisers and publishers value media with a new comprehensive solution that focuses on the quality of the environment and exposure for ads. The launch of TRAQ (True Advertising Quality) Score, a metric based on a culmination of comprehensive environment and exposure data points, will prove to be a solution that will add value to every player in the industry; buyers, sellers, publishers, and trading platforms alike.

TRAQ Score is an overall quality rating, leveraging proprietary data science and algorithms, and combining placement-level measurable metrics into a single universal metric, including brand safety, page content and structure, ad viewability, share of view, ad clutter, and suspicious activity in order to determine the specific value of each individual ad placement based on the page environment and ad exposure attributes. This comprehensive measure of media quality supports advertisers’ ability to plan, execute, and measure campaigns more effectively and, ultimately, increase ROI by ensuring high quality advertising placements while eliminating waste.  TRAQ Score is available on impression level for analytics and reporting and on placement level in pre-bid for targeting. It ranges between 0 and 1000, 1000 being the best placement. 


Integral offers a granular and actionable rating scale, ranging from 0-1000, enabling brands to target media quality based on their custom quality thresholds.



Value for Buyers

  • Brands maximize their media spend by appearing only in safe, viewable, relevant, and high quality placements. This eliminates over 40% of wasted budget, dramatically increasing ROI.
  • Direct response advertisers can maximize programmatic buying, enabling their campaigns to scale while assuring they land on quality media.
  • Brand awareness advertisers can leverage TRAQ to assure viewability and even to improve the quality of ad exposures, whether media is bought through direct or programmatic channels.

Value for Sellers

  • Enables publishers to increase yield for providing quality ad opportunities.
  • Helps publishers to segment media based on quality level and optimize pricing models accordingly.
  • Functioning as a media clearing house, enables publishers to better sell off differentiated (premium) remnant inventory in exchanges with associated quality scores while maintaining the network's confidentiality.


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