Calibrate for Safety.

Video Solution

The industry’s most comprehensive video media quality solution;
providing unprecedented insight into video metrics

Integral Ad Science continues to develop products to stay ahead of the changing media landscape. Online video advertising is growing rapidly each year and as adoption and demand increases, advertisers need to make sure that their ads have the opportunity to be seen and understand the environments in which their ads run.

Integral ensures video ads are in view, free of suspicious activity, in brand safe environments, on contextually relevant sites, and geographically targeted within range. Using Integral’s industry leading video solutions, advertisers are able to reach consumers without compromising brand standards.

Integral’s video solution offers monitoring capabilities for all VAST and VPAID video ads and blocking capabilities for companion ads.

 AdSafe Brand Safety        Contextual Relevance 

 Suspicious Activity Detection    Geo Location


Introducing the industry's first video viewability monitoring solution:

 Ad Viewability

Integral's video viewability covers both the IAB's 3MS and VPAID measurements, providing an extensive view into user ad engagement. 


A look into video viewability metrics layered with VPAID metrics

In view                                                                        Muted, ad not started                          Out of view


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