5 Billion web pages have been crawled by Integral since our launch in 2009
Over 2.7 Billion ads are analyzed by Integral per day
At this moment, Integral products are integrated with over 600 partners worldwide
We've got servers in 6 secret locations around the globe
1 business day - that's how long our tags take to implement

Our Technology

The proprietary technologies that drive the AdSafe Firewall as well as Integral's full suite of solutions around media quality stem from comprehensive research and the experience of industry veterans.  
Our Content Rating System is the only solution that scores and evaluates the brand safety, ad viewability, and context of web pages on the individual URL level. We see through multiple layers of nested iframes -- enabling visibility across 98% of the commercial Internet and providing us with an unparalleled ability to accurately rate and analyze content. 
As a result, we offer products that provide best-in-breed solutions for the digital advertising industry's needs - and we serve as a hub of innovation to help shape the future of advertising technology.
This Technology section outlines the innovative methodology that Integral has used to create leading systems for preventative brand safety as well as page context and ad viewability analysis.