Rating Categories

The following provides definitions for each of the core safety categories across which Integral provides ratings. Additional rating categories are included in Integral's Industry Solutions and Customizable Protection.

Category Content Description
Alcohol Sites that contain information relating to alcohol, recipes for mixing drinks and reviews and locations for bars and pubs.
Offensive Language Sites that contain swear words, profanity; hard language; inappropriate phrases and/or expressions
Hate Speech Sites which advocate hostility or aggression toward individuals or groups on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality, ethnic origin or other involuntary characteristics; sites which denigrate others on the basis of those characteristics or justifies inequality on the basis of those characteristics; sites which purport to use scientific or other commonly accredited methods to justify said aggression, hostility or denigration.
Illegal Downloads Sites that promote or provide the means to practice illegal or unauthorized acts of computer crime using technology or computer-programming skills.
Illegal Drugs Sites that provide instruction for or information about illegal drugs: how to obtain, how to manufacture, how to use. Information about evading or circumventing the law — drug and alcohol testing sabotage, drug smuggling, trafficking, selling or buying.
Adult Content Sites potentially containing nudity, sex, use of sexual language, sexual references, sexual images and/or sexual themes.
Adware / Malware Impressions being served to browser plugins that typically overlay existing publisher ads or create the appearance they are being served by the publisher.
Other Classification Types
User Generated Content Sites with a primary focus on user generated content including blogs and bulletin boards.
Webmail Sites with a primary focus on email services.