It's crystal clear.

We set the standard in seeing through 'un-friendly' IFrames.

See-Through Rate

Integral's industry leading technology enables us to see through multiple layers of nested IFrames.  We see through across 98% of the commercial Internet providing us with an unparalleled ability to accurately rate and analyze content.

IFrames 101:

  • An IFrame is an HTML document embedded in another, meaning it is an entire new page called from within a separate page.
  • The HTML document that surrounds and calls the IFrame is known as the parent.
  • As much as 90% of exchange traded display advertising serves ads within an IFrame, primarily because it provides the best performance and security for the parent page.

A friendly IFrame is from the same domain as its parent, allowing easy access to parent data such as URL, coordinates, text, etc. A cross-domain IFrame is 'un-friendly'. It restricts access to all of that information.  This is a key challenge to companies trying to offer services in the fields of brand safety, ad viewability and other issues regarding inventory quality.  A primary component of our proprietary technology, central to all of our products and data, is the ability to overcome this limitation...


90% of nested iframes are cross-domain iframes - so 90% of web content is too difficult for other players in the industry to see through to the page level

Others in our space see the surface of an unfriendly iframe...

...Integral can see through its layers, correctly determining the parent