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Integral's Semiannual Review Q3/Q4 2012

As part of our ongoing initiative to bring transparency to the digital advertising industry, we’re pleased to release our latest Semiannual Review. In this edition, we premiere TRAQ (True Advertising Quality) Score metrics, a single holistic metric around overall media quality -- taking several page environment and ad exposure elements into account in our formula. We’re also debuting our Suspicious Activity measurements as well as following up with metrics from the last report including viewability, risky content, and ad collisions.

Superbowl 2013

Our data science team sampled billions of impressions in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl XLVII -- check out what they found related to user engagement over the championship weekend here!

We are Integral

November 29, 2012 -- Formerly AdSafe Media, we are now Integral Ad Science, a global media valuation platform. Check out our infographic to see how our platform - and particularly the TRAQ Score - is redefining how digital media is bought and sold.

Olympic Insights

August 13, 2012 -- The London 2012 Olympics broke digital records with unprecedented audience numbers viewing content online and via mobile devices. This extensive digital coverage prompted our Data Science team to take a closer look at traffic and viewability patterns associated with Olympic related sites from the billion+ impressions our system sees daily.

Get Your Super Bowl Stats Here!

February 4, 2012 -- To celebrate the 2012 Super Bowl, we teamed up with exelate, AdAdvisor by TARGUSinfo, and PEER39 to bring you some fun football trivia. Here at Integral, we sampled billions of impressions to figure out that users view ads on sports pages for over 4X as long as the average across all categories. And yet another 1.5X that on Football pages over the last few game day Sundays leading up to the Super Bowl. But that's just our technology...