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We are Integral.

we are integral

Eighteen months ago, I was fortunate enough to join a great team at AdSafe Media.  I had been a prior user of all the verification solutions in the marketplace and chose to join AdSafe because of its superior technology and knowhow and the fact that it had strong data science at its core.  I knew that building an industry leading content rating system that rated every ad-supported page on the web wasn’t trivial, and I was excited to find that the AdSafe team shared my same passion and ambition to change online advertising for the better.  Working with both the buy and sell side we knew that we had a unique opportunity to move beyond brand safety and verification to a bigger mission of improving upon how every ad is bought and sold.

While we had aggressive plans for our team and technology, in the past year the company has accomplished more than I expected. We’ve expanded well beyond our flagship brand safety products, and are now also a leader in solutions for ad viewability, contextual targeting, fraud protection, and more.   In addition, we have rapidly extended our solutions into the programmatic environment and our technology now influences a significant share of the RTB marketplace.

As our sphere of influence grew well beyond ad safety and verification, clients, partners and friends in the industry began asking us if we were going to change our name.   The question is a valid one.  AdSafe has served as a good name for our initial verification solutions, but hardly describes everything we do today or our company’s ultimate mission.

That’s why I’m excited to announce today that AdSafe Media is rebranding as Integral Ad Science.  We’ve grown into a global company and feel that our new brand better positions us to execute on our vision of redefining and improving the way media is bought and sold.  And as such, with this name change we are also launching a whole new platform – focused on valuating media – for buyers and sellers.   A key component of the platform is the introduction of a new holistic quality index called the TRAQ Score.  This metric is a comprehensive quality rating that evaluates each individual ad placement based on the quality of the page environment surrounding the advertisement as well as the quality of the ad exposure.  Leveraging the company’s data science DNA, we have built proprietary technology to analyze both the words and images on a page as well as the various components of a page’s structure, in order to understand the page’s relative quality.  Furthermore, our patent pending technology analyzes the potential quality of each ad exposure based on viewability metrics as well as new innovative concepts such as Share of View.

As a holistic measurement that will quantify the previously unquantifiable, the TRAQ Score will help buyers through each step of the campaign process – from planning and execution, to measurement and analysis.  This singular metric will ensure that marketers avoid fraud and wasted spend on risky and non-viewable inventory that has pervaded digital media. Simply put, it will significantly boost ROI, for all advertisers.  In addition, the TRAQ Score will provide publishers with key insight to optimize their pages, ultimately improving the quality of ad placements across the web as a whole, and rewarding sellers for providing quality media.

And perhaps best of all, the TRAQ Score is complementary with all types of targeting methodologies.  For example, encompassing the TRAQ Score into a bidding or targeting decision will lead to better inventory quality and more success without sacrificing scale, whether behavioral or contextual targeting.  No whitelist can accomplish this.  This TRAQ Score is different, more granular and more comprehensive than anything the industry has seen before.  Simply put, if you want to get the most out of your advertising dollars our solution is Integral.

We’re also announcing several other new products with the launch of Integral Ad Science related to theenvironment surrounding a specific ad impression and the characteristics associated with the ad’s exposure.

And finally we are launching Campaign ROI, a technology that helps advertisers understand which variables have an actual effect on their conversions and fulfillment.  This is the first step towards a true “causal effect” attribution model and it goes hand in hand with our other solutions.

This is an exciting day for us.  Everyone at Integral Ad Science feels that we are building something extraordinary.  No matter how you buy media, no matter what your goals may be, we feel our technology will help you tremendously.  It will not only create an immediate ROI boost, it will also provide a big competitive advantage.

We look forward to introducing you to the new Integral Ad Science.

Like visuals? Download our infographic below and learn more about our story here.