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White Paper: Putting Science Behind The Standards

Over the course of 2015, IPG Media Lab, Integral Ad Science and Cadreon partnered to undertake a large-scale research study, the first of its kind, on viewability. With the goal of quantifying the relationship between viewability and brand metrics, the research involved nearly 10,000 participants, looking at 189 different ad scenarios. Although the study was not meant to rewrite existing standards, the findings serve as a guide to advertisers and publishers alike regarding how best to make ads more effective given viewability standards

White Paper: Combating Fraud In Online Advertising

Written by members of our data science team, Kiril Tsemekhman and Jason Shaw, this white paper defines bot activity, discusses the challenges it presents, and describes the solutions available. With clear definitions, examples, and courses of action, it offers indispensable insights into the real story of ad fraud today.

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