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Methodology and Credentials

Rating Methodology

Integral’s proprietary data science and human verification technologies are designed by leading academics in the data science and machine learning fields. Our rating methodology never relies on single source data to evaluate content — it weighs competing evidence sources to create the most accurate and comprehensive rating of page content.

We have industry-leading visibility, at the individual page level, across over 98% of the commercial web
Integral Ad Science

Content Data Rating Sources

  • Auxiliary Constructed Variables

    Utilizes extraction techniques from data mining and information retrieval to transform raw page content into statistics and features.

  • Human Scoring

    Utilizes micro-outsourcing technology to score massive numbers of web pages to verify and improve Integral’s ratings.

  • Html Source Code Evidence

    Leverages non-textual html features to reveal the nature of a web page.

  • Image Analysis

    Partner image analysis technologies are leveraged to evaluate images appearing on web pages.

  • Network Neighboring

    Examines interaction between host pages and the pages they’re linked via inbound and outbound links.

  • Search Engine Toxic URL Lists

    Utilizes data around URL pass-through of search engines as an indication of content character.

  • Semantic Filters

    Multiple internally-designed, state-of-the-art semantic filters evaluate all text and html content on web pages.

  • Site / Domain Registration Information

    Utilizes domain registration information with detailed probabilistic models to identify the source of content on pages.


Integral Ad Science was issued US Patent # US 8,595,072 B2 (Content Management Systems, Methods, and Media using an Application Level Firewall) surrounding its application level firewall technology. This application firewall technology provides proactive determination as to whether online advertisements should be displayed based on content and various other methods. This patent is an instrumental component of the Integral Ad Science Firewall product, which is the best-in-breed preventative blocking solution, providing safety and transparency at industry-leading levels of accuracy.

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