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Control over the contextual relevance of digital ads maximizes both the impact and cost efficiency of campaigns. With IAS Contextual Intelligence, you get page-level semantic analysis that takes into account context and sentiment.  This means that we can give brands and publishers the most granular and precise classification of content in real-time.

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See our contextual and semantic analysis technology in action by entering a page URL or by selecting an example below.


Our natural language processing technology reads the page the way a real person does…

What's this Note: Our technology uses the same methods as human readers to understand this article. The text in bold are words and entities that our engine has identified as relevant to the initial classification of the page. Our technology analyzes the entire page and looks at word forms and related terms, grammar, relationships, and the context of the words.

…and understands the context and sentiment of the page in real-time

IAB Categories
Note: Most relevant topics from IAS’s 1,200+ IAB-compliant content categories. Click on the information tooltip for a category to see its corresponding parent categories.

  • {{}}
    In category: {{item.ancestors}}

Topical & Vertical Categories
Note: IAS-curated categories that combine topics, entities (companies, people, places), sentiment and emotion from IAS’s contextual intelligence knowledgemap.

  • {{item.label}} {{}}
    In category: {{item.tooltip}}

Note: General sentiment and corresponding emotion detected on the page.

  • {{}}

Note: Identifies first instances of relevant words detected as well as entities (names of companies, people, places) extracted by our technology.

Relevant Words
Other Entities
Companies: {{keyword}} ...and {{results.companies.length - 5 }} more {{keyword}} see less
People: {{keyword}} ...and {{results.people.length - 5 }} more {{keyword}} see less
Places: {{keyword}} ...and {{results.places.length - 5 }} more {{keyword}} see less

To learn more about how our Contextual Intelligence technology connects relevant ads to suitable content, contact us for a meeting.