Consumers are obsessed with mobile devices, spending about 3 hours a day on their smartphones. And 7 out of 10 sleep with a smartphone nearby. In this landscape, it's critical that advertising efforts follow them. We provide you with solutions that cover both mobile web and in-app measurement, so that you can better reach real humans, wherever they are, in the right context.






For both display and video, we’ll give you the viewability metrics you need to assess your mobile campaign’s viewability. And you can trust the data - our technology is accredited by the Media Rating Council.


Did you know that you can target brand-safe mobile in-app ads when buying programmatically? Turn on our pre-bid segment in your demand-side platform to keep brands safe across devices.

Our approach to mobile

As you move more dollars to mobile, we offer you the same level of accuracy and insight into mobile verification that you get for desktop. We help you understand if real humans were exposed to mobile ads, for how long, in what type of environments, and if the ads ran across expected geographic regions. And in a world where 19% of mobile ads are not in view, our mobile viewability pre-bid segments help reach those mobile addicts in your plans.

State of mobile H1 2016

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