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Mobile is projected to represent nearly 80% of digital ad spend by 2020. And so it should, because that’s where your consumers are spending all of their time. We provide you with solutions for both mobile web and in-app measurement, so that you can better reach real humans, wherever they are, and in the right context.






For both display and video, we’ll give you the viewability metrics you need to assess your mobile campaign’s viewability. And you can trust the data – our technology is trusted by the world’s largest brands.


Target viewable, fraud-free, and brand-safe ads before ever placing a bid. The same pre-bid segments available for desktop web are also available for mobile web. And did you know that you can target brand safe ads for mobile in-app? Find our pre-bid segments in all major demand side platforms.

Our approach to mobile

Measuring viewability accurately and at scale for mobile in-app has presented significant challenges — until now. You deserve the same level of data that you’ve come to expect in web environments. We were the first to use the MRAID standard as a way to offer mobile in-app viewability measurement at scale. As this method has limited metrics, we developed and are accredited for an open-source verification SDK (software development kit), that is now under the governance of the IAB Tech Lab. Open sourcing the code provides multiple benefits — independent, trusted verification at scale, eliminating operational inefficiencies introduced by multiple SDKs or limited insights from MRAID-based alternatives.

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