Online campaign effectiveness should be determined based on the incremental impact the campaign has on your desired business outcomes. With Online Conversion Lift, IAS provides a holistic view of your advertising impact across media buys through measurement and recommendations for optimal media exposure to drive better return on ad spend. The IAS methodology for Online Conversion Lift uniquely takes into consideration key ad verification metrics such as viewability, ad fraud and time-in-view to accurately and meaningfully measure the incremental impact of your digital campaigns.

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Ad verification creates the opportunity to maximize ROI.

Ad Fraud

Ad Fraud

Our industry-leading fraud solution uses machine learning to detect fraudulent ads and remove them from our analysis of campaign effectiveness. We enable marketers to reach real people with the right message.



If ads aren’t seen by a real person, impression metrics can lead to inaccurate attribution models. We ensure only consumers who were served viewable ads are considered in measuring ad effectiveness.



Time-in-view plays an important role in influencing campaign outcomes by distinguishing between the minimum time required for consumers to have an opportunity to see an ad and the optimal time-in-view required to achieve greatest impact.

Our approach to advertising effectiveness measurement

Ad verification metrics are an important part of building a strong campaign foundation and extracting more value from ad impressions — but that’s just one part of the ROI equation. Advertising is about influencing consumers to drive desired business outcomes. By understanding what campaign variables truly influence consumers towards greater engagement, you can maximize the effectiveness of online advertising.

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