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What if you had access to powerful metrics that could unlock greater campaign ROI? With our Time-in-view Reporting, you will be able to see the average exposure duration per impression. Additionally, with unique-in-market Performance Benchmarks, you will understand how long your impression needs to be in view to create the best opportunity to drive campaign lift, and how many of your impressions achieve or fall below these benchmarks. You hold ROI as the most important KPI of all, now let us help you exceed your campaign performance goals.





Time-in-view Reporting metrics

Average Time-in-view:

Go beyond binary viewability measurement and understand not just whether or not your ads are viewable, but if they are viewable for long enough to influence your consumers. Average Time-in-view is the average duration that a viewable impression remains in-view within your campaign.

Total Time-in-view:

How much engagement your media spend is buying? Small shifts in viewability rates or the average time an impression is in view can have a huge impact on the total attention your campaigns generate. Total Time-in-view is the duration of all viewable impressions within your campaign.

Performance Benchmarks

Advertisers have access to customized Time-in-view Performance Benchmarks by industry vertical. These benchmarks are based on historical data and show the amount of Time-in-view necessary to create the best opportunity to influence consumers.

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