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Clean Ads IO

A Conference About Actionable Solutions
The rapid growth of data-driven, digital advertising has presented marketers with unprecedented new opportunities to better understand and connect with their audiences. Simultaneously, that growth has given rise to fraud, malware, security and viewability concerns as marketers look to ensure that their advertising campaigns are running cleanly, safely and being seen by actual people.

AdExchanger’s Clean Ads I/O will take a careful look at the challenges within data-driven, digital advertising, and more importantly, create actionable solutions that will keep it clean.

We will be presenting the following session:

Beyond Viewability: How Exposure Can Define Campaign Success
So your campaign now has viewable ads seen by humans but are you really succeeding in getting the most ROI out of your digital investment? Digital media buying has its own set of rules that drive success and we need to start thinking that way. Join David Hahn, SVP of Product at Integral Ad Science, as he reveals why not all clean ads online are created equal, and what matters most when determining what’s really driving your customers loyalty to your brand.
David Hahn, SVP of Product, Integral Ad Science

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