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Integral Ad Science Partners with Japan Advertisers Association’s Web Advertising Bureau to Launch the “Digital Advertisement Transparency Project

The project aims to promote wider adoption of ad verification in Japan

7月 28, 2020

Tokyo, Japan: 28 July 2020- Integral Ad Science (IAS) the global leader in digital ad verification, announced a partnership with Japan Advertisers Association’s Web Advertising Bureau (JAA/WAB) Study Group to launch the “Digital Advertisement Transparency Project” an industry-wide initiative to educate and advocate for media quality in Japan, ensuring the increased reliability of digital advertising for marketers and consumers.


The “Digital Advertisement Transparency Project” builds on previous efforts and is expected to further accelerate the adoption of ad verification in the Japanese market. The project will aim to create standards, transparency, and accountability in the digital ad ecosystem, and will remain in step with the World Federation of Advertisers’ (WFA) Global Media Charter. 


IAS has been a trusted and long-standing partner of the Japan Advertisers Association’s Web Advertising Bureau (JAA/WAB) and the Japan Interactive Advertising Association (JIAA) for the last five years and has actively worked with them on various industry-leading projects around verification. Additionally, IAS is a part of the Measurement Standards Committee (測定指標委員会), a committee to define quality measurement standards and definition for JIAA. IAS is the only ad verification company along with the agency leaders and platform representatives to be part of this committee. As the de facto “source of truth” for JIAA, IAS has been involved in their annual advertisement state of affair report and worked on multiple reports regarding viewability, brand safety, and ad fraud. 


Taro Fujinaka, Managing Director, Integral Ad Science Japan said, ”We measure and verify campaigns on all platforms so that advertisers can continue to spend on digital and evolving mediums (CTV/OTT, Digital out of home) with confidence. IAS has been working with the JAA and other advisory companies to propagate for and raise awareness on the importance of trust and transparency in the Japan digital ecosystem.” 


Transparency is king for efficiency-focused marketers and in the current climate all marketers are focused on maximising the impact of every last dollar spent while eliminating waste. IAS has partnered with Amino Payments to bring to market the world’s leading digital media transparency product, ‘Total Visibility’. As the name suggests, this solution delivers visibility into programmatic supply path costs in addition to an understanding of the quality of media delivered. This enables marketers to know beyond doubt if they are getting the best monetary value for their highest quality placements or if they are overpaying relative to media quality based on factors such as viewability rates, brand safety, and bot traffic.

He added: “The advanced verification technology solutions and expertise that IAS provides to more than 90 of the Worlds’ top 100 adveritsers is a testament to our superior and advanced verification technology as well as our commitment to enable a fully transparent digital advertising ecosystem in Japan. For over three years, IAS has been publishing the bi-annual global Media Quality Report  and for Japan that has become the benchmark for the industry when it comes to measuring the health of digital media campaigns across all buy types and platforms.”

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