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Over 1 billion consumers login to Facebook every day. Over 200 million consumers check their Instagram account daily. The buyer journey has gone social, and marketers have taken notice. Advertisers will spend more than $42 billion globally on social media alone this year, according to eMarketer. And they are calling for better transparency and visibility into how effectively their media is being spent. So as budgets continue to shift to social platforms, measurement is critical to understand how they can activate consumer action. We've partnered with all the leading social media platforms to give you the data you need to measure every interaction between your brand and consumers - with reports you can trust.

“IAS verification of my media buy across Facebook provides the much needed transparency we need to evaluate the quality of our investment.”

John Marshall, HP
Global Head of Advertising Technology

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mobile web and in-app

Mobile web and in-app

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Display and video


Your brand lives between selfies, likes, tweets, and stories. So measuring the impact of your campaigns on real humans is more important than ever. We’ve been first to break down walls to measure ad fraud and verify viewability on Facebook and YouTube. Get industry-standard as well as specific metrics for each social platform so you can optimise your buys.

Our approach to social

As you spend across social platforms, you need confidence that your social buys are reaching humans and are viewable. We continue to evolve and deepen our integrations to provide reliable insights you can trust, so you can be confident in your decisions. Be where your consumers are, and we’ll be right there with you.

State of social H1 2017

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