Karlie joined Integral Ad Science in July 2012 and is responsible for managing its product solutions. She oversees a team that manages existing and new product roll-outs, customer training, customer onboarding, and ongoing client campaign management.

Prior to IAS, Karlie served as the VP of East Coast Sales at PulsePoint, a global digital technology company for audience and content. She managed the client services and sales divisions during the company’s merger with (previously) Datran Media and ContextWeb. Prior to the merger, Karlie headed the Client Services team for Aperture, a data company within Datran Media. Before PulsePoint, she worked at CMC Markets, a UK-based financial derivatives dealer, and was responsible for the marketing and sales of the company’s services. Karlie also served as the head of the marketing department of Superfund USA, a fund provider specializing in managed futures.

Karlie holds a BA from Loyola University.