The IAS Quality Impression™ is a proprietary metric that helps ensure media quality standards. To be counted as a Quality Impression, a digital ad must be viewable, by a real person, in a brand-safe and suitable environment. All within the correct geo.

Make your first impression a quality one






Quality Impressions™

Now more than ever, it is critical for marketers to make every impression count by controlling the quality of media they buy or bid on. It has always been our goal at IAS to help our clients gain transparency into the quality of their media.

To ensure that campaigns have the potential to connect with their audiences, advertisers need transparency into the holistic quality of their impressions, and they need to be able to optimize campaigns effectively. Our Quality Impression metric helps advertisers do just that; a media quality metric that summarizes campaign performance and proves campaign value.

IAS reporting gives advertisers full control over their digital media investment by providing granular insights at the campaign, partner, placement, domain, and app-level, along with outlining reasons for failures to guide better optimization decision

With Quality Impressions, the control is in your hands.

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