Staying one step ahead

IAS ensures maximum efficiency by looking at everything end-to-end. And as the demands of digital advertising change, so will our solutions. We’re committed to evolving before the market — to keep you ahead of
your competition.


No hidden agendas

IAS is an independent third party. We don’t buy, sell, serve, or aggregate media, nor are we owned by anyone that does. That leaves us free to provide you with the best solutions for your business needs and to innovate to meet industry needs.

Data rich

More data means accuracy and optimization

IAS technology has a real-time infrastructure that enables customers to improve media quality and campaign performance instantly. Plus, the more data we process, we are able to update and optimize models faster.

Serious science

Serious results

In a world of big data, you need scientists to make sense of it. Computational neuroscience, natural language processing, theoretical physics, and mathematics: these are just a few of the disciplines we bring to the art of data. In fact, we take science so seriously, we won the 2016 Master Level I-COM Data Science Hackathon and the I-COM Smart Data Marketing Technology Company of the Year in 2016 and 2019.

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