Serious science

Serious results

In a world of big data, you need scientists to make sense of it. Computational neuroscience, natural language processing, theoretical physics, and mathematics: these are just a few of the disciplines we bring to the art of data. In fact, we take science so seriously, we won the Master Level I-COM Data Science Hackathon and the I-COM Smart Data Marketing Technology Company of the Year in 2016.


Masters of our own destiny

Our in-house engineers bring our road map to life, provide more integrations with speed and ease, and have a holistic view of our business.

Anti-fraud lab

Fight fire with fire

In 2015, we launched a dedicated Anti-Fraud Lab that works with experts in multiple industries and academic institutions to examine the forces behind digital advertising fraud.

Academic partnerships

Book smart, and street smart

IAS maintains close ties to top institutions like NYU, UC Berkeley, the University of Chicago, and Northwestern University. When industry and academe get together, everyone wins.

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