Activate your consumers, realize real growth

While verification is your foundation, activating consumer action is essential to your campaign’s success. Our first-to-market capabilities help you to identify the optimal Time-in-view for exposure, so that your campaigns run with efficiency focused on activating your consumers. Only IAS can provide exposure insights geared towards the most-important metric of all, ROI.

Quality metrics

Real-time and actionable

We measure and analyze real-time media quality metrics over 500 billion times every day. Thus, we have a wider range of data points, so our customers can have all the information they need to make the best decisions for campaigns.


Supporting brands and agencies — plus publishers

Our viewability data is the currency of digital advertising, trusted by both our demand and sell side customers to transact with no discrepancies.


Shaping campaigns with more

Our in-house engineers bring our products and solutions to life, providing more integrations with speed and ease – with a holistic, industry view. IAS teams are working around the globe to bring you more capabilities, providing more metrics that help drive results.

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