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InMobi Launches Most Advanced Suite Of Mobile Video Ad Solutions In Europe

21.Februar 2017

InMobi, a global mobile advertising and discovery platform, today launched a suite of advanced mobile video ad solutions in Europe. The platform includes innovative video ad formats such as vertical videos, interactive rich-media videos, 360 degree videos, opt-in videos, full-screen, in-feed and in-stream videos. Having invested in video technology for more than four years, InMobi’s new platform combines cutting edge video creatives with deep learning based optimization algorithms, to deliver the best results for brands.

InMobi’s video platform offers several key features and benefits:

Bespoke Video Creatives to Break Through Clutter: Brands have an opportunity to work with InMobi’s award-winning creative services team to build bespoke video creatives that fully leverage device capabilities such as microphone, gyroscope, accelerometer and others to deliver the most immersive brand experiences to users;

Best-in-class Viewability Solutions: InMobi has partnered with industry leaders such as Moat and Integral Ad Science for independent viewability verification, and delivers ads that are twice as viewable than the industry standards for in-app video ads.

Available for brands to access through direct as well as programmatic channels (open and private marketplaces), the InMobi platform represents the most comprehensive and advanced option for brand advertisers spending on video today.

Read the full InMobi press release here.


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