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Supership’s ScaleOut DSP, the first domestic DSP to fully implement the IAS pre-bid targeting solution

Supports all device environments, ad formats and ad verification metrics to meet the growing needs of advertisers

8月 06, 2020

Integral Ad Science has announced the launch of an ad verification solution for the ScaleOut DSP from Supership Corporation. ScaleOut is the first DSP in the country to support all device environments, ad formats and ad verification metrics offered by IAS.

■ Background and objective

Advertisers are increasingly calling for transparency in digital advertising. In an interim report compiled by the government’s Digital Market Competition Directorate, The required “disclosure of information is inadequate and cannot be verified”, “There needs to be more transparency in terms of the advertising surface and the media in which it is published”, and “The level of viewability should be verified and measured by a third party.”  The current situation has been pointed out that many people are saying, “I don’t know what to do,” and further efforts are needed to solve the problem. (*1)

In November 2019, the Japan Advertisers Association (JAA) released a “Digital Advertising Challenge to The Advertiser’s Declaration”. Also on June 23 of this year, the JAA’s Web Advertising Study Group announced that five major ad-verification companies and the “Healthy Web Advertising Project”, which aims to raise awareness of Launched.

Increasing support for ad-verification on DSPs, the leading platform for digital advertising will also lead to greater transparency across digital advertising, Integrating with IAS solutions by ScaleOut is in response to these advertisers’ voices and industry trends.


■ IAS Solution integrated on ScaleOut DSPScaleOut DSP

Introduced to ScaleOut DSP is IAS’s Pre-bid Optimization solution.  Pre-bid targeting is a way to determine the content environment where the ad will be placed, prior to executing the real-time bidding on programmatic transactions. IAS’s pre-bid solution enables traders to analyze and avoid bidding on low quality media or media that does not meet expected KPIs. This predictive science ensures that you only bid on media that meet your criteria, so you can avoid wasting your advertising budget and increase efficiency. You can filter for Brand Safety, Invalid Traffic, and Viewability metrics.

ScaleOut DSP is the first DSP in Japan to support all ad serving environments (desktop web, mobile web, and mobile apps), formats (display and video), and ad-verification metrics (brand safety, ad fraud, and viewability) with pre-bid targeting.

ScaleOut was previously equipped with the advertising solution from Momentum, Inc. (“Momentum”), which operates the advertising business in the Supership Group, but the new integration with IAS will enable targeting based on viewability(*2). In addition, advertisers will now be able to select an advertisement solution that meets their specific needs.


IAS will continue to actively cooperate with all players in the digital advertising industry to further expand its services, to make digital advertising safer and more secure.


※1:Competition Assessment of the Digital Advertising Market Interim Report:

※2:Advertisers will be able to mitigate low viewability invnetories, and target only high viewability inventories.





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