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Integral Ad Science and Nativo Align Viewability Measurement for Native Ads

8月 30, 2016

Native Advertising Leader to Join the IAS Certified Viewability Partner Program and Accept IAS Viewability Numbers for Media Transactions

Integral Ad Science (IAS), the technology and data company that empowers the advertising industry to effectively reach and influence consumers everywhere, on every device, and Nativo, the leading native and content advertising automation platform for premium publishers and brand marketers, today announced that they have aligned their viewability measurement of native inventory.

Native ad executions fundamentally differ from standard IAB units in that the ad units themselves are created, rendered and controlled by the native technology provider, making them challenging for third party verification technologies to measure and determine as viewable. Unlike legacy display placements, native ad units cannot be treated as standard ad containers, which viewability vendors traditionally use to understand where the ad is located on a page in relation to the viewport. Furthermore, dynamic size variation, content orientation, and the way native ad units load and render on publisher pages create significant complexities when measuring viewability for the format.

Recognizing these challenges and understanding the need for reliable third party verification solutions, IAS and Nativo worked together to bring IAS measurement of Nativo inventory to a level of accuracy such that brand marketers and publishers can now confidently transact on the company’s third party verified numbers. To conclude the collaboration, IAS and Nativo are now aligned on viewability measurement across the Nativo private exchange and Nativo has joined the IAS Certified Viewability Partner Program, signifying to advertisers that Nativo media campaigns can now be transacted based on IAS viewability measurement, thus alleviating any prior operational challenges for advertisers and media sellers.

“IAS has been a trusted partner of our advertising clients for a long time, and Nativo was the first native provider to bring the Viewable cost per thousand (vCPM) metric to market, so we were pleased to collaborate to ensure IAS technology and measurement methodology for native ad placements could be confidently leveraged to transact on viewability,” said Chris Rooke, SVP of Strategy and Operations at Nativo. “By working with IAS to validate viewability measurement across our marketplace, and joining IAS’s Certified Viewability Partner Program, Nativo managed service campaigns will now officially accept advertiser requests to transact on IAS verified viewability numbers.”

“At IAS, we are committed to improving the advertising ecosystem, across display, video and native. We’re excited to partner with Nativo to tackle the unique challenge of measuring viewability for native ad units, and are also excited to welcome Nativo to the Certified Viewability Partner Program. We look forward to continuing to help unify the digital advertising industry as we move toward higher measurement standards and better quality ad experiences,” said Scott Knoll, CEO at Integral Ad Science.

Visit the Integral Ad Science Certified Viewability Partner Program page to learn more.