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Stop more bots and reach more people

With digital ad spending predicted to reach nearly $500 billion globally by 2025, the industry is more focused than ever before on combating digital ad fraud. We ensure your ads are only shown to humans on legitimate publishers, protecting your media budget from bots with surgical accuracy.

Dive deep into fraud protection with our toolkit.


Our ad fraud solutions cover:

dark green and neon green boxes meeting diagonally

Bots don’t buy

We process and analyze trillions of data events each month in order to identify anomalies that indicate fraud across all channels and platforms. The aggregated data creates scalable detection models to distinguish real human behavior from bots, even in previously uncharted areas. We also look at signs sent during a specific browser session or from a specific device. Bots have a signature set of features that can be identified through detailed mapping of the browser environment and device characteristics.

Prevent wasted media spend while protecting scale

We help you identify where, when, and how illegal bots are infiltrating your media plan. Start blocking ad fraud threats with precision before the impression is even served so your budget stays protected.


will be wasted annually on ad fraud by 2025, predicted by the World Federation of Advertisers


more bot traffic is identified by IAS tech than by that of a leading competitor


Increase in fraud levels for campaigns for which fraud mitigation tools were not present

No matter the threat, we've got you covered

IAS is a leader in the fight against ad fraud through a balanced approach and ongoing research. Our team of specialized analysts, engineers, white-hat-hackers, and data scientists is taking on invalid traffic from every angle to create the most advanced solutions in the market.

The Threat Lab

Our Threat Lab is staffed with experts who identify and stop fraudulent activity. We work with law enforcement and academia to examine the forces behind digital advertising fraud. Most recently, our Threat Lab collaborated with Google to take down a fraudulent VPN app.

A Trusted Partner:
Don’t rely on exclusion lists for ad fraud detection and prevention
We were among the first companies to be awarded the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal
Our proprietary technology has passed rigorous testing to ensure that you are getting the most accurate and effective results
Layered Methodology

A multi-layered approach to fraud detection is vital. Under-sophisticated and over-cautious fraud strategies can cause you to miss out on safe, high-quality impressions. We proudly utilize machine learning in our ad fraud solution, and our best-in-class results prove it.

Our True Machine Learning gives you:
A unique combination of deterministic bot mitigation combined with dynamic machine learning tactics
Precise fraud detection to prevent opportunity loss from over-blocking and financial loss from under-blocking
Higher cumulative block rates resulting in more protection and less wastage on bots
Three Pillar Approach

Ensure the most precise fraud detection possible with our three-pillar approach. Our fraud technology is based on a set of methodologies that when used in tandem, detect the evolving threat of ad fraud with incredible accuracy.

Our three pillar approach includes:
Behavioral and Network analysis: our 10+ billion daily impressions provide a macro view of bot activity
Browser and Device analysis: real-time signals at the ad call
Targeted Reconnaissance: malware analysis, software disassembly, and the infiltration of hacker communities guides detection and identification of emerging threats

IAS delivers innovative, industry-leading digital advertising solutions that are designed to drive superior results. Take a look at our full measurement and optimization product suite to learn how IAS helps your brand stay ahead of the competition.

MEASUREMENT: Protect your brand and verify the impact of your digital campaigns with enriched measurement solutions available for all digital formats and device types
OPTIMIZATION: Maximize campaign ROI with optimization solutions that cover media investments across social, CTV, and programmatic
PUBLISHER: Grow your audience and boost yield with ad monetization services that power revenue growth and better streaming experiences


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