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Co-innovating for what’s ahead

In today’s complex and competitive digital landscape, garnering new business opportunities requires a proactive approach and partners you can trust. You need to address your potential customers’ needs and show your value — all while protecting your investments. That’s where our network of Platforms & Partnerships can help.

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Strengthen your campaign results and find quality impressions with IAS as your partner.

There is no “I” in “Ad Tech”

In ad tech, innovation doesn’t take any days off. As the digital media landscape is continually evolving, our partnerships enable future-proof, industry-first collaboration that is pushing ad tech forward. We’re continuously expanding our horizons and learning from those who specialize in every aspect of our industry, so we can build connective, high-quality, and comprehensive solutions.

We collaborate to innovate

For the best solutions, you need a partner who works across the entire digital advertising ecosystem. We co-innovate with the best and the brightest in ad tech to create products that drive stronger connections and better results. Through partnerships, we’re creating a more transparent industry, for all digital players.

Buyer and seller coverage

As one of the only verification partners that focuses on both the buy-side and sell-side of our industry, we see the full picture and potential of digital advertising.

Large media footprint

We’re integrated with almost all of the major DSPs and ad exchanges, building a network of thousands of media partners who are redefining media quality.

Proprietary platforms

We co-innovate to provide coverage across all major proprietary platforms. From YouTube and Google, to Facebook and Instagram, we continue to expand and improve our social integrations.

Global coverage

With clients activated globally across 111 countries and local market experts across 19 cities, you can count on our team and our tech for global coverage and support.

Quality solutions with scale

When you invest in digital, we want you to invest with confidence. Our solutions connect the dots across the complex advertising landscape to strengthen trust and transparency in digital media quality.


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