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Nothing is more powerful than connecting with consumers with sight, sound, and motion. But video inventory is more susceptible than display to fraud, brand risk, and being out-of-view. So as online video advertising increases in demand — and cost — it’s critical to make sure video ads have the opportunity to be seen and heard.

Verify premium video buys with our toolkit.

Our CTV & video solutions include:


Connect with premium inventory

Reach your consumers on the fastest-growing platform without compromising your media quality standards.


of video ads are served while out-of-view


of CTV users are likely or very likely to view an ad to completion if ads are contextually relevant


CTV adoption among consumers is expected to reach more than 242 million users by 2026, which represents about 70% of the U.S. population

Press play on premium, suitable video inventory

Go beyond basic metrics to gain greater insight into how, when, and where people engage with your ads. From programmatic to CTV, our solutions ensure that your ads are viewable, fraud-free, and shown in the right environment.

First-to-Market CTV Innovations

As consumer attention and ad spend continue to shift towards CTV, IAS works directly with the largest video publishers to validate that video ads are played to completion and free from invalid traffic on CTV.

With our suite of CTV solutions, you get:
Cross-screen coverage to ensure your ads are viewable, fraud free, and brand safe when running across OTT on desktop and mobile in-app
A custom invalid traffic solution for advertisers’ most expensive, high-risk video buys
CTV Brand Safety for YouTube

As advertising within CTV environments increases, so will attention on brand safety. IAS is a leading brand safety and suitability innovator on CTV and we’re partnering with industry leaders to do it.

Our CTV brand safety solution gives you:
Unparalleled reach in the preferred CTV streaming option: YouTube has the highest reach and viewing hours among ad-supported streaming services
Contextually relevant, high-quality ads on CTV that are less likely to be skipped by users
Safety & suitability reporting, optimization through Contextual Targeting, and media quality insights that help you exceed your KPIs
Multimedia Tag

With content creation and audiences increasing by the minute, advertisers are expected to shift budgets away from linear television and toward CTV. The Multimedia Tag works by automating the process of device detection so that IAS technology does the hard work instead of your ad ops team.

With Multimedia Tag, you get:
Cross-device support including web, mobile in-app and connected TV devices
Operational efficiency — no need to waste time to break out tags. Just upload, choose “Multimedia Tag” and you’re up and running
Global support so there’s no limit in reaching your audience

IAS delivers innovative, industry-leading digital advertising solutions that are designed to drive superior results. Take a look at our full measurement and optimization product suite to learn how IAS helps your brand stay ahead of the competition.

MEASUREMENT: Protect your brand and verify the impact of your digital campaigns with enriched measurement solutions available for all digital formats and device types
OPTIMIZATION: Maximize campaign ROI with optimization solutions that cover media investments across social, CTV, and programmatic
PUBLISHER: Grow your audience and boost yield with ad monetization services that power revenue growth and better streaming experiences

CBS Interactive believes in full transparency with our advertising partners. With ad fraud increasing, it’s important that programmers and publishers work together with companies like IAS to facilitate trust while maintaining a quality user experience.

– Jarred Wilichinksky, Senior Vice-President, Video Monetization & Operations
CBS Interactive


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