IAS delivers innovative, industry-leading digital advertising solutions that are designed to keep you ahead of the competition. Achieve highly viewable, fraud-free, safe and suitable impressions across screens. More importantly, receive optimization insights for your campaigns that will save you time and money. 

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Solutions for every digital advertising challenge

Your needs change from campaign to campaign. Our solutions are designed to help you overcome every challenge and take advantage of every opportunity that digital media presents.

Ad fraud

Protect your digital media spend and increase your digital campaign efficiency with our multi-pronged approach to ad fraud detection. Using AI and machine learning, we’ll help ensure your ads are seen by real people — not bots.

Brand Safety & Suitability

Use the power of context to protect and grow your brand, ensuring your ads are seen in safe, suitable environments. Increase the relevancy of ad placements to improve memorability, favorability, and brand affinity.

Contextual Targeting

Access your ideal consumers with Context Control Targeting— our targeting solution reads the entire page, leveraging sentiment and emotion to classify content more granularly at scale. This allows you to more accurately reach your target audience; no cookies needed.


Ensure your ads are seen — not just served. Our Viewability solutions verify that digital ads are viewable across all screens and devices, and guarantee Quality Attention™ by appearing for the optimal time-in-view.

Efficiency & Optimization

Save time and money and boost the efficiency of your digital ad campaigns. Our solutions eliminate waste, provide transparency into your digital media supply path, and improve campaign ROI.


Be seen on every screen, in every environment

Verify your digital media quality on every major device and channel. From desktop to mobile, video to CTV, social to programmatic, our solutions will help brands and publishers boost impact and drive efficiency where it matters most.

CTV & video

Connect with consumers more meaningfully, using the power of sight, sound, and motion — without sacrificing quality. Expand into the rapidly growing world of video and CTV, while ensuring your video ads are played to completion and protected from fraud.


Streamlined workflows, financial transparency, and clean optimization between pre-bid filtering and post-bid blocking to drive better business outcomes and deliver significant savings.

Proprietary platforms

Effectively spend, engage, and measure on social media with solutions that provide both transparency and media quality. We’ve built strong partnerships with the leading social media providers and proprietary platforms, so you can maximize every interaction that consumers have with your brand.

Mobile & in-app

Activate campaigns across one of the fastest-growing areas in digital advertising: mobile. Our solutions for mobile and in-app offer comprehensive coverage, customizable reporting, and insight into media quality metrics, so you can eliminate operational inefficiencies and optimize your digital strategy.

Take control of your media quality

As a thought leader in digital advertising, we’re always innovating solutions to help you stay ahead in the rapidly changing digital landscape.


Increase conversions: A major retailer was able to identify a 79% increase in in-store visits attributed to quality media.


Optimize media quality: A major news publisher increased the viewability rate for a top advertiser’s campaign with Publisher Optimization by 46%, saving the publisher $22,452 in over delivery.


Prevent ad fraud: A CPG giant avoided bidding on $32M+ fraudulent programmatic impressions, decreasing fraud from 9% to 1%. They redeployed the investment toward higher-quality impressions.


Save time and money with one of the most innovative ad targeting solutions in the digital landscape. Our expertise brings quality and transparency to your digital campaigns, ensuring brand safety, viewability, and protection from ad fraud. We work with leading partners so you can overcome new challenges and keep up with new trends in digital advertising.

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