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Turn up the volume on your digital audio ad measurement.

Listeners are flocking to digital audio streaming services with no indication of slowing down. As advertisers follow, the quality of audio streaming inventory is proving to be more important than ever. IAS helps ensure that your audio ad dollars are heard, measurable, and transparent on Pandora’s inventory, with more partners coming soon.

Bring transparency to your digital audio buys with our toolkit.


Our digital audio solutions include:


Audio is shifting to digital. Time to make some noise.

Digital audio ad inventory is growing, which only escalates the need for media quality solutions – and industry experts agree.


of industry experts agree that ad-supported audio streaming will continue to grow in popularity among consumers


of media experts believe third-party verification will be crucial to ensure digital audio ad quality


of industry professionals agree that as audio inventory grows, brand risk will increase on audio streaming content

Bring transparency to your digital audio buys

Access greater insights on the impact of your audio campaigns on Pandora, with more partners coming soon. Our industry-leading media quality solutions help ensure that your ads are heard at scale and free from invalid traffic – now on digital audio.

Audibility measurement

Verify the quality of your digital audio ads with industry-leading technology that offers you sophisticated transparency. Access audibility measurement for all of your audio campaigns running on Pandora’s premium inventory, with additional platforms and partners coming soon.

With our audibility measurement, you get:
Audible impression measurements that calculate the amount of ads that play for two consecutive seconds with the sound on
Quartile metrics that provide ad completion data per quarter of the audio ad
Digital audio invalid traffic measurement

Stop fraud in its tracks with data that gives you granular, deterministic insight into your fraud mitigation strategies and helps prevent opportunity loss for your brand. Start monitoring for fraud-free audio ads on Pandora’s premium inventory today, with additional platforms and partners coming soon.

Our digital audio ad fraud solution gives you:
Invalid traffic measurements that calculate the percentage of ads detected as invalid traffic versus all processed ads
A continuously balanced approach and ongoing traffic research that allows you to reach maximum effectiveness


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