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Verify and activate campaigns everywhere it counts

Even a campaign with perfect copy and creative won’t drive business success if it isn’t well-delivered. Putting media quality at the center of your digital strategy means driving better conversions and improved results for your brand or clients.

Strengthen your campaign results and increase quality conversions with lAS as your partner.

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Activate more effective digital ad campaigns

Ad Fraud
Brand Safety & Suitability
Efficiency & Optimization


IAS is integrated with all of your partners across devices and channels, including all major DSPs, proprietary platforms, and ever-growing CTV. Access new partnerships and innovations for a frictionless global ad experience.

dark green and neon green boxes meeting diagonally

A partner who will grow with you and for you

Campaign success starts with the team you choose to have in your corner. IAS builds solutions that exceed your media quality standards – and your KPIs – so we succeed together.

Transparency and efficiency

Building a brand requires near-constant review and optimization. Our solutions give you rigorous, clear-cut reporting resulting in substantial time savings.

Better control over ad contexts

Contextual relevance drives higher memorability, engagement, and affinity, all of which are the key ingredients to a long-lasting brand. We are here to help you control your media quality.

Global coverage, local support

Don’t let international compliance take up your time or energy. Customers currently activate our solutions globally across 111 countries. And with local support across the globe, you can rest easy knowing we have your teams and your campaigns covered.

Activation where it counts

Our integrations are best-in-class and available across all major platforms and devices. We build forward-looking solutions for unique environments—ask one of the 1,800+ world’s top advertisers and premium publishers we work with.

Solutions that unleash your potential

Keeping your brand safe while expanding your reach is a tall order. We help you demonstrate the value of your campaigns, streamline your reporting process, and drive quality business results through verification.


Contextual targeting gives you control and understanding of the environment in which your brand appears, before a bid is even placed. We pre-screen and categorize pages using a combination of predictive science and emotion and sentiment analysis, giving your ad buys unprecedented precision.


CTV ads are among the most premium opportunities for your brand to be seen. Through our partnerships with the largest video publishers, IAS connects you with suitable and scalable video inventory.


Automation and optimization are the key drivers of brand and agency success. Improve ROAS, access high-quality media, and increase efficiencies in your programmatic buying strategy.

Innovative partnerships to drive your success

With IAS, you get access to thousands of media partners and countless technology companies and social media platforms — all driving innovation and creating new opportunities for you.

Quality ads deserve Quality Impressions™

Measure the quality of your campaigns to optimize performance on every screen and every device.

dark green and neon green boxes meeting diagonally

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