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Reach your target audience in a cookieless world

Take control with contextual targeting to meet your unique brand goals, before a bid is even placed. Our predictive science pre-screens pages and categorizes them using emotion and sentiment analysis, enabling you to target content that is most desirable and relevant. Contextual targeting capabilities complement your IAS brand safety and avoidance pre-bid settings to amplify your brand message.

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Our contextual targeting solutions cover:


Contextual Targeting is key to connect with your ideal audience

With new privacy legislation and cookie deprecation, advertisers need solutions for reaching their desired audiences in suitable spaces. Our Context Control Targeting solution leverages page-level classification to curate content across more than 200 industry vertical, seasonal, topical, and audience proxy segments. Powered by the largest knowledge graph, our technology enables deeper classification of content to help advertisers tailor ad placements and access precise targeting at scale.

Increase recognition, engagement, and favorability

There is life — and targeting — in the post-cookie landscape. Context Control Targeting delivers precision to maximize impact without relying on third-party cookies. Through innovation and partnership, we’re moving into the next generation of targeting.


of industry professionals agree that contextual targeting will gain favor as consumers gain more control over their data


boost in attention with quality targeting


increase in CTR for a technology B2B brand using custom contextual categories

Sophisticated targeting requires sophisticated tech

Go beyond binary decision making with technology that comprehends content the way a human would, and ensure your message reaches the consumers who will connect the most with your brand.

Context Control Targeting

Understand the true context, sentiment, and semantics of a given webpage at scale. Our solutions give programmatic buyers unprecedented precision for targeting content that is contextually relevant for a given brand or campaign to increase recognition, engagement, and favorability.

With our Context Control Targeting solution you get:
200+ vertical, topical, seasonal and audience proxy segments available
Accurate classification at scale of content using best-in-class semantic intelligence
Pre-bid segments for targeting within major global DSPs including Google Display & Video 360, The Trade Desk, Verizon Media DSP, Adelphic, and more
Carefully curated segments

Access carefully curated targeting segments to optimize your programmatic strategy and reach your desired audience without the use of third-party cookies. Our predictive technology uses emotion and sentiment analysis to pre-screen pages and categorize content before a bid is even placed.

With our carefully curated segments you get:
Seasonal targeting segments such as Christmas, Back to School, and Black Friday
Vertical targeting segments such as Financial, Entertainment, and CPG
Topical targeting segments such as Sensitive Social Issues, Natural Disasters, and Infectious Diseases & Outbreaks
Audience proxy targeting segments such as Starting a Family, Small Business Owners, and Tech Enthusiasts

Knowing your campaign is running alongside trusted and expected content is key. Deepening our relationship with IAS to offer both contextual avoidance and targeting segments gives our advertisers more flexibility and transparency across their omnichannel buys.

– Greg MacDonald, VP, Marketplace Partnerships
Verizon Media


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