Ahead of the class.

And we're nowhere near fin-ished.


Launch of Brand Protection:
Firewall provides first—and still the only— page level preventative brand safety

Innovative dynamic, real time web-based UI reporting along with proactive, customized client reporting enabling in-flight optimization.

First brand safety, page-level API for SSPs and DSPs, enabling better buy/sell decision processing.

Industry's first dynamic Traffic Viewer defines new standard in safety and verification reporting.

Campaign Performance Control Solution; the first and only, real-time actionable campaign data available.

Industry’s first Contextual and Ad Viewability Ratings; providing page category and sub-category per the IAB Networks & Exchanges Taxonomy and predictive data on whether ads will be viewed – and for how long.

2-in-1 implementation solution for OBA compliance partnering with industry leaders Evidon and TRUSTe.

Foreign Language Support; launched French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese capabilities.

Best-in-Breed Video Solution to ensure appropriate pre-roll ad placements and superior brand protection on video pages.

Content Verification and Brand Safety Capabilities Certified by the Audit Bureau of Circulations; results show AdSafe’s solution is the superior product offering in the market.

Launches industry’s first Suspicious Activity Detection.

Relaunches as Integral Ad Science. Debuting new products and innovation for 2013.

About Us

Formerly AdSafe Media, we are now Integral Ad Science.  Since launching the industry's first preventative brand safety solution in 2009, powered by our constant growth and innovation, we have built a global media valuation platform that is integral to the buying and selling of quality media. We focus on a comprehensive solution set that enables advertising to appear in quality environments where they receive quality exposure -- and rewards the sell side for providing quality media. We drive improved visibility, efficiency, and ROI for players across the digital media landscape. Here’s how.

Our media valuation platform is the only technology that scores and evaluates overall media quality on a page level. We measure:

Building on our comprehensive data and solution set we have established the True Advertising Quality (TRAQ) Score, a revolutionary, holistic measurement around overall ad placement quality. The TRAQ Score enables ads to land in the right place, with a quality environment and exposure.

And there’s more, to help understand and quantify success we recently unveiled a Campaign ROI solution, assessing individual publishers effects on a campaign’s conversion. We see this as the first step towards the industry’s first truly causal ROI measurement - leaving the industry's currently flawed attribution models behind. We’ll be rolling out more ROI related innovations soon.

Overall we are integral to the entire media buying process:

  • We invent new data and metrics to help the industry evaluate media quality
  • We enable individual advertisers to understand which of these metrics are most important for meeting their campaign goals
  • We provide actionable solutions, empowering advertisers to easily buy and bid on media leveraging these quality metrics

We work with hundreds of global brands, all of the major agencies and holding companies, over half of the top networks and DSP’s, and are fully integrated with several major exchanges and trading platforms.

 We’re headquartered in New York City with operations in San Francisco, London, Tokyo and Sydney, and are expanding quickly.  Look out for more exciting announcements and launches coming soon!