We protect
your advertising.

What is it?

The guarantee that your ads serve adjacent to only the content you want. 

You customize your content rating thresholds to ensure they’re appropriate for your brand. 

We preventatively block your ads from serving where they shouldn’t.


Why do I need it?

You don't want your brand image associated with inappropriate content. 

You want to increase campaign scale by avoiding wasted impressions.

You want to maximize ROI.


How can Integral help?

Our AdSafe Firewall is the best-in-breed preventative blocking solution, providing safety and transparency at industry-leading levels of accuracy.

Our real time data and custom alerts help you monitor your campaign, and optimize in-flight when needed, to drive greater performance and profits.


Quick Facts:

Our system handles over 1.5 Billion brand safety requests a day and is continuing to increase volume
We ensure 96-98% transparency from all channels gaining valuable insight into campaign data
Providing top notch customer support, our product is seamlessly integrated within one business day - monitored during your campaign

Brand Safety with The AdSafe Firewall

How we add value

Integral’s content rating system scores individual web pages against several content categories, including: (Adult Content, Offensive Language, Illegal Downloads, Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Hate Speech). It works before ads ever run to block or pass based on advertiser’s custom risk threshold settings. This preventative, page-level, customized solution:

  • Ensures brand safety
  • Eliminates wasted spend on risky inventory, enabling greater campaign reach
  • Optimizes advertising in-flight based on actionable, real time data 
  • Combined this all improves media efficiency, increasing ROI 

How we’re different than other verification solutions

  • AdSafe is the leading actionable brand safety technology worldwide, not a simple verification report around where ads ran post-campaign 
  • Brands may choose custom risk thresholds based on a granular 1-1000 rating scale. Integral analyzes and scores individual web pages against several key content categories: Adult Content, Offensive Language, Illegal Downloads, Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Hate Speech.  Our solution is completely customizable to advertisers preferences. 

Here's how it works.

Step 1: Brands can customize their safety settings

You control the type and content appropriate for your advertising by customizing your risk threshold settings. Ads are passed or blocked on the individual page level based on your settings.


Step 2: The Ad Blocking Process

As opposed to simple verification solutions - which provide after-the-fact reports on what went wrong with your campaign, we block ads before they ever appear on inappropriate content.


Step 3: Actionable data and reporting


We provide actionable, real-time data, including a variety or exportable reports, analyses, and email alerts that enable advertisers to track their campaign second by second, and to optimize performance whenever necessary.

We also offer a campaign monitoring product

For customers who want to simply monitor their brand safety and ensure insertion order requirements are met, rather than proactively blocking, we offer a pixel integration called the Campaign Monitor.


Wait, there’s more.

All that just scratches the surface. Be sure to get in touch with us today. And if you want to read more, there’s a lot of that, too. Click through the pages in this section, or head over to the Our Technology section to read more about the engines that drive all of our tools.