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Digital advertising can be an effective way to activate consumer action. But as it’s become increasingly complex, we sometimes forget the most basic marketing principle: your messages need to be viewable to (real) people and in the right environments to make an impact. With this in mind, we’ve developed the most comprehensive brand solutions for you to verify the quality of your media globally — and optimize your digital ads' effectiveness at every step of a consumer’s journey.


Cross-screen capabilities

Actionable data

Global coverage

Independent measurement


Spend with confidence

Don’t assume your budget is well spent. Know it. We make sure your ads are running exactly where, when, and how you want. We protect your brand from ad fraud, and from showing up next to inappropriate content. With our measurement and technology capabilities, we ensure your ads reach real humans, are viewable, and running in the right context, language, and market for your brand. Every campaign. Every time.

Improve your campaign performance

You work hard to increase sales, market share, and profits. We measure real-time media quality metrics over 500 billion times every day, while our award-winning data science team optimizes models, so you can fine-tune campaigns on the go and with confidence. With capabilities like real-time impression blocking, pre-bid targeting, and actionable data feeds, it’s easier than ever to exceed your expectations.

See the real impact of your ads

Achieve your business growth objectives through insights you can trust and act on. Measure your campaign’s exposure levels, and benchmark those levels against thresholds proven to drive impact. Using real measurement that connects campaign exposure to your KPIs, you will understand the exposure duration needed to influence your consumer to take action.

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