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Integral Ad Science introduces Pub Expert, featuring discreprancy-free viewability measurement

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Integral Ad Science

Data-Driven Results for High Quality Advertising

Integral Ad Science enables online media buyers and sellers globally to assess the value of every ad opportunity across channels and screens, and make informed decisions that maximize ROI.

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We are INTEGRAL to the digital advertising ecosystem

The leading third party choice for all players across the industry providing unbiased actionable data.

Integral Ad Science

Maximize your digital ROI

Understand the true value of your media inventory. Our solutions quantify the quality of each direct or programmatic transaction to eliminate waste and boost ROI.

Year-to-date savings from Integral's patented Firewall

What does this mean?

Science fuels our technology and solutions

Our solutions incorporate a comprehensive suite of media quality features.

We are experts in our industry
  • Three billion+ impressions measured daily

  • 70%+ of Leading National Top Advertisers as clients

  • Integrations with top DSPs and major SSPs

  • 98% client retention

  • Media quality is our focus

  • #1 viewability measurement rate

  • Real-time fraud detection and protection

  • Cross channel coverage – display, video and mobile

  • Dedicated team of data scientists

  • Patented and MRC accredited

  • Global coverage


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