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For digital ads to make an impact, they have to be seen. Not just served. However, nearly half of all digital ads are not viewable. Make sure your ads have the opportunity to be seen by real people — wherever they are. That includes across screens and devices, using both display and video ads. And as digital advertising becomes more sophisticated, media buyers and sellers want to not only prove their ability to drive results, but they also want to transact on viewability — making it a customizable currency.


desktop and mobile

Desktop and mobile

Web and in-app

Web and in-app

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Display and video


Rely on technology that not only covers all your needs, but that you can trust. Our viewability solutions are used by the world’s largest brands for mobile web and in-app viewability measurement, desktop display and viewable impression management. We’ve got you covered.

Granular reporting

Look at viewability data by campaign, domain, page, placement, partner, creative format, ad unit, and more. Our discrepancy-free reporting reduces friction and makes it easier for media buyers and sellers to work together with confidence.


Don’t just verify viewability — make it the best it can be. Whether through your demand-side platform or by getting real-time signals, optimize the number of opportunities your ads can be seen by the people you are wanting to reach.

Our approach to ad viewability

We combine industry-standard measurement methodologies with our unique ad fraud detection technology, to offer you the industry’s best viewability coverage. We detect ad fraud when assessing viewability, to give you a real picture of whether your target audiences were actually exposed to your ads. After all, non-human impressions shouldn’t count. We also make transactions based on viewability even easier with data taken from both the buy and sell sides.

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