We know your top priority is providing relevant ad placements for your customers. That’s why we take care of the rest. With meaningful metrics and solutions that protect and enhance your inventory, we help you maximize your media value and ad revenue.


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Sell with confidence

You know your inventory is valuable. We’re here to prove it. That way, you’ll put advertisers at ease while boosting revenue. We help you score your inventory from the URL down to the impression level, on the key metrics your clients care about the most: viewability, fraud, geo-compliance, and brand safety. And, sure, fraud can happen to any site. But we’re here to help you take action against it and legitimize your ad traffic, with greater visibility and actionable insights to maximize the value of your inventory.

Your true value

Higher quality deserves higher spend. Our inventory and forecasting analysis helps you gain a deeper understanding of your inventory’s viewability, brand safety, and the validity of traffic sources down to the individual ad unit. We help you meet your viewability guarantees, make sure you’re not undercharging for quality inventory, and implement effective monetization strategies.

Bridging the gap

A world with no discrepancies. A world with no make-goods. Yes, it’s really possible. Because we already work with your advertisers, we can give you a single source of reporting that unifies your data and your customers’, eliminating discrepancies that come from multiple data sets. We’ve integrated with all leading ad servers, so you can get going simply and easily.

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