Description of Publica Solutions

The following are descriptions of Publica’s services and solutions and certain additional terms that apply to Customer’s use of the solutions (as specified in Customer’s agreement or order form(s) with IAS and/or Publica).  These descriptions and associated additional terms are subject to change from time to time. Customer may reach out to its IAS or Publica contact to obtain additional services.

Ad Platform – enables Customer to put compatible video buyers listed in the bidders tab of the Publisher UI and the campaigns configured within the campaigns tab of the Publisher UI (i.e., direct campaigns) in competition for a piece of video Inventory.

Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) – enables Customer to stitch a content stream with an advertisement.

Audience Manager – enables Customer to deliver ads targeted against any First Party Segment or Third Party Segment.  As used herein, “First Party Segment” means a segment of inventory built from Customer’s data, and “Third Party Segment” means an audience segment built from a data provider integrated within the Company system.

Context Manager – enables Customer to deliver ads targeted against any contextual First Party Segment or contextual Third Party Segment.

Elea AI – Company’s machine learning algorithm that seeks to detect logos within ads and deduce the advertiser and IAB category of an ad.

Verification Measurement – enables Customer to apply verification measurement to all or part of its inventory (“First Party Measurement”) and enables Customer to access aggregated advertiser verification measurement across its inventory (“Third Party Measurement”).

Bid Saver – enables Customer to save losing bids for another opportunity to win in auctions on the same device, in the same channel, from the same IP address, and with the same content genre and rating within the time-to-live defined by Customer.

Ad Quality Solution – an offline solution that allows Customer to send creatives directly to Company for frame by frame analysis to help ensure that all ads are validated for brand safety regulations before airing.

Platform Connect – a connection created between two customers for exchanging data, e.g., in a buyer/seller relationship, allowing one customer (the seller) to make its inventory available to another customer (the buyer) for that customer to access, purchase, and monetize.

Network Fee – a monthly fee charged for unfilled bid requests made from the platform to connected bidders to avoid over-representation of inventory.  Company will determine the number of unfilled bid requests by subtracting the total monthly bid responses from the total monthly bid requests.

White-Labeled Interface – a version of the Publisher UI branded to Customer’s specifications.  

Use of the White-Labeled Interface is subject to the additional terms and conditions below.

Subject to the fees indicated in the applicable agreement, the parties will collaborate to create a custom version of the Publisher UI for inventory management and ad serving solutions. This custom version will include the following:

(a). Customer logo and color scheme (primary and secondary colors). Customer will provide Company with a stylesheet outlining the changes to the visual representation of the UI (the “Skin”) for the White-Labeled Interface. The Skin will extend to all internal and external reports generated by the White-Labeled Interface including: (a) any reporting (whether emailed to Customer or downloaded by Customer), and (b) all Client facing pages, links and redirects accessed from the White-Labeled Interface, including pages related to the management of the solution for the Client.

(b). Company will support a vanity domain for all pages and instances and endpoints created under the White-Labeled Interface to be directed under the Customer domain or subdomains. Customer will provide all DNS/Redirect information as requested and required by Company. 

(c). During the Term, Company will provide software updates to custom versions in production when they become available and shall ensure that the Services retains similar performance, features, and integrations as non-custom versions of the system.

(d). Company will provide master accounts that will allow dedicated account creation within the White-Labeled Interface. Customer will be able to access and manage all Client accounts in the same fashion that Company is able to manage Customer Accounts in non-White-Labeled Instances.

In the event Customer elects to use the White-Label Interface, Customer will be fully responsible for Client’s use of the Services in compliance with this Agreement.  Any breach by Client of this Agreement shall be deemed a breach by Customer of those provisions, and Company may seek any relief from Customer it would similarly be entitled to under the Agreement if Customer had breached such provisions.  As used herein, “Client” shall refer to a third party brought to Company by Customer.

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