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Yahoo Gemini partners with Integral Ad Science for open viewability measurement

Feb 03, 2017

We’re hearing a clear message from marketers that they want independent third-party measurement for their campaigns. Today, Yahoo added a new capability to our open measurement suite: viewability measurement for Yahoo Gemini native image ads. We also expanded our relationship with Integral Ad Science to measure viewability for native image and video ads.

Our product and engineering teams work hard to provide some of the best native and programmatic advertising solutions in the market via our advertising technology platforms, BrightRoll and Yahoo Gemini. Marketers understand just how critical it is to work with an advertising partner who can deliver a combination of content, technology, and unique data, and we’re focused on ensuring you have what you need to succeed.

A commitment to open measurement

As Yahoo supports open measurement across our platforms, we’re committed to delivering value, results, and transparency for our advertisers. Yahoo Gemini now offers an open measurement suite composed of more than 20 partners across six different kinds of third-party measurement capabilities:

  • Audience Verification
  • Behavioral Impact
  • Brand Impact
  • In-App Actions
  • Native and Video Viewability
  • Online and Offline Sales

Brand and performance marketers should be able to trust and verify that their ads are seen by their target audiences. Since Yahoo launched native video viewability last year we’ve been pleased to see the results exceed industry benchmarks.

Benefits of our collaboration

With IAS, we’re now giving marketers the chance to measure their Yahoo Gemini native image campaigns. Advertisers can already measure their native video campaigns on Yahoo Gemini.

“We’re excited to partner with Yahoo Gemini to deliver to our clients the verification proof that they’ve come to expect for all of their media buys,” said Harmon Lyons, IAS, SVP of Business Development and Platform Sales. “Across our first set of campaigns with Gemini, we measured a viewability rate of 99% for the native image ads.”

IAS combines industry-standard methodologies with unique fraud detection technology, to offer a leading viewability measurement solution.

We believe digital publishers and ad serving providers shouldn’t be the ones to measure viewability. In 2015, Yahoo was proud to be among the first digital publisher and ad tech provider to offer advertisers an open third-party approach to viewability measurement across display and video. This is now another step as we lead the way, adding native viewability to our Yahoo Gemini open measurement suite.

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