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Blasting News and Integral Ad Science (IAS) launch a new partnership to ensure quality and brand safety for advertisers.

Oct 23, 2017

Blasting News’ objective is to deliver its advertising on brand-safe content. This is why the largest social news publisher in the world has decided to partner with IAS, the global standard for brand-safety measurement.

Blasting News is committed to developing its promise of quality, by using technology to ensure brand safety for advertisers as well as great journalism for readers. For this reason, Blasting News, the leading global social news magazine, has just completed a new integration with IAS, the measurement and analytics company that empowers the advertising industry to set up an additional line of defence against poor quality content or misplaced advertising across the broadest range of content.

Blasting News content is produced by delocalized freelance contributors (Blasters) then fact-checked and curated by a quality team of senior professionals and algorithms. The brand safety technology from IAS crawls Blasting News content in real time to identify the level of risk it may pose to a brand, by classifying it into four risk thresholds: very low; low; medium, and high. Blasting News has integrated this technology into their entire content output: over 30,000 articles are published to the site each month that will undergo meticulous checks to achieve peace of mind for advertisers.

“Every time IAS signals us that a piece of content is classified as medium risk or as high risk, we will stop showing advertising on it – explained Manfredi, Blasting New CEO, “We realize that great pieces of content can be very informative for our readers but, at the same time, unsafe for some brands. A typical example is a reporting a story around an earthquake: from a journalistic perspective you want fully cover it, but it is unlikely that any brand wants to be associated with an earthquake. This is why we will keep on reporting this kind of stories, but we won’t display any advertising on them, if the brands don’t want to”.

As a result, thanks to this partnership, Blasting News will use IAS data to deliver brand safe campaigns and quality inventory, ensuring total alignment with advertisers’ expectations.

“Keeping brands safe in a programmatic world is a top priority for us,” said Andrea Manfredi. “We will continue to stress-test our platform and algorithms to make sure brands can advertise in an entirely safe environment.”

“We’re excited to partner with Blasting News to monitor the brand safety of their inventory,” said Paul Astbury, Business Development Director, Publisher Solutions, Integral Ad Science. “This partnership provides Blasting News clients with confidence that their brand reputation is being protected in line with their brand risk settings.”

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