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IAS Announces Next-Gen Viewability Measurement Capability in Partnership with Fortune 500 Companies

May 02, 2017

Integral Ad Science (IAS), the technology and analytics company that empowers advertisers to influence consumers everywhere, is partnering with a select group of Fortune 500 companies to determine, measure and control how viewable exposure time and frequency have a role in turning consumer attention into action. IAS is launching a closed beta program on Consumer Exposure Optimization, which will enable advertisers to maximize media spend while effectively reaching and influencing their target audience. Now advertisers can determine how many times real people were exposed to the campaign along the buyer journey and how much time they spent with each touchpoint. This first-to-market solution is the next generation of consumer-based marketing, leveraging real-time viewability and ad fraud data to optimize consumer ad exposure against ROI.

Industry-First Consumer Exposure Optimization Capabilities
Studies show that ads exceeding the MRC viewability standards lead to a significant improvement in ad recall time. In fact, data collected during the IAS Consumer Exposure Optimization alpha program showed that 70-85 percent of people are exposed to only one viewable ad impression, and of those people, 50-65 percent have the potential to see the ad for five seconds or less on a typical campaign. This data establishes a need to understand and optimize against consumer ad exposure.

Consumer Exposure Optimization (a part of the IAS Analytics suite) will offer brands the ability to:   

  • Measure the cumulative viewable exposure time and exposure frequency to a brand’s message consumers experience over the lifetime of a campaign
  • Programmatically eliminate overexposure and reduce underexposure on campaigns, so brands can even out their messaging distribution and increase the value of their campaigns
  • Optimize campaign reach against the drivers that enable brands to influence consumers

“The industry has made major strides in measuring viewable impressions, but at the end of the day, buying viewable ads does not ensure attention or influence. The next step from transacting on viewability is starting to think about viewability in terms of the consumer rather than just an individual impression,” said Scott Knoll, CEO of IAS. “We’re evaluating the total brand exposure to people for the lifetime of the campaign, and our data shows that the vast majority of consumers can be reached more effectively. Our new solution aims to address this gap and ensure we’re exposing consumers for the right time and frequency.”

Find out more about our Consumer Exposure solution here.

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