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IAS CMO Maria Pousa highlighted as a Forbes Trailblazing Latina

Nov 01, 2018

Maria Pousa moved her life from Argentina to the United States in the early 2000s. Over the last 18 years, she’s built a career that reflects not only hard-work, but also the willpower that drives Latinxs alike.

I have a much better sense of the impact I have as a Latina, immigrant, and a woman in a leadership role,” explains Pousa. “I have been the most senior Latinx in my last three jobs. I truly started realizing my impact when other Latinxs approached me to thank me for representing all of the Latinxs at the table. They were proud of me and I felt a newfound sense of responsibility to represent others, and the impact my representation helps in paving the way for them.”

As the Chief Marketing Officer at Integral Ad Science, a global technology company, Pousa has also become a thought leader in the marketing field, particularly through the lens of how the current political climate impacts marketing and advertising trends.

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